Moulin Rouge themed room!

This exciting room takes inspiration from the magnificent Moulin Rouge in Paris. When deciding which themed room we should attempt to recreate, Moulin Rouge was the outstanding winner. As with all the other rooms, it has been painstakingly recreated by our interior designers with tremendous attention to detail. The brief was to recreate a room that the original Moulin Rouge would be proud of, Remember, this is the place that pioneered striptease back in 1889 and brought the can-can to the world.

The room is adorned with antiques from the period, with a plush carpet, red velvet upholstery and gold leaf chairs. The ceiling and walls all draped with luxurious black velvet, aiming to provide you with the same experience you would have witnessed in the Victorian era. Providing you with comfort is paramount to us, and as you walk into the room you will see our huge seat adorned with a sea of cushions.

We are extremely proud of this enchanting area and hope you enjoy its style and panache. We have even commissioned renowned artist "Baggo" to create an original street scene of the Moulin rouge.

Jane Avril, famous Moulin Rouge dancer
"Allez Les Enfants, Une Fois En Plus! Une Autre Dance. Petit Etre, C'est Ma Derniere!"
("Hurrah children, one more time, one more dance, maybe this is my last!")