Studio 54 comes to Whites!

We Are incredibly proud at Whites to bring you our latest VIP creation STUDIO 54. Based on the original super club of the late 1970's early 80's disco club in New York, STUDIO 54 is without doubt the Jewel in White's Crown.

The technology needed to replicate the fantastic disco period is unreal, the whole room is computerised. It even has its own music, of which you can expect to hear anything from The Bee Gees to Donna Summer bringing the disco era back to life!

The walls of the room have been sound proofed so you can only hear the music inside the room , it's literally an isolated party within the club.

As you enter the room you will have your own security on the door, you have a choice of Dom Perignon or Crystal Champagne, and all the Elite sprits are displayed on the bar of this luxurious room which you will drink from the specially commissioned Retro cristal glasses by Royal Doulton.

The flashing walls and dance floor invite you to entirely let yourself completely go and remember the entire room is run by computer so at the touch of a button we can change anything, We can actually make an incredible nineteen million adjustments to ensure you enjoy this amazing VIP ROOM